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sketchto September 27, 2022 No Comments

What Is Vector Illustration? Vector Illustration Styles and usage

For a graphic designer, vector illustration is the most creative part. It allows you to show creativity with high-quality vectors, shapes, and illustrations. The demand for vector art is also very high for all trends. This illustration contains points, lines, shapes, etc. When you scale the vector image or art, it does not lose the resolution. […]

sketchto September 21, 2022 No Comments

How to make one line art design from biginning

What are one line art and its uses? One line art drawing is a popular drawing style for an artist. It is not a newer one. A long time ago, early 20th century, the famous artist Pablo Picasso made this type of drawing. As an artist, I also like line drawing. Nowadays, people love these drawings […]

Design process

You may want to know my working process. I am going to tell you shortly. When a client offers me a project, my first task is to discuss the work with the client. Then after the brief, I think of the overall concept in my mind. After that, I take my iPad and start sketching […]